About Me

Who Are You?
I'm...me. An 18 year old girl making the transition between high school and college and real life (I just finished my freshman year of college). I just want to talk about things, get out ideas, get everything in order in terms of my thoughts.

Why'd You Start A Blog?
Because I wanted to think and explore things that swirled around in my head and weren't story ideas. And this is easier than trying to chat with someone on Facebook about these swirling ideas, and it reaches a larger (? Maybe? Someday? A girl can dream) audience. So a blog it is!

Do You Have Other Accounts Anywhere Else?
Yes. Twitter, it's @LearningLifeToo

What Do You Do For Fun?
I watch TV, I read, I write, I sketch & paint, and sometimes I even venture out into the real world! I also cuddle my cats, and if they aren't available (like when I'm away at school), any furry, docile, guaranteed-infectious-disease-free animal.

Favorite Genres?
Fantasy, mostly, erring on the adventure/horror side, maybe with a little romance thrown in. Sometimes Scifi, mysteries make it in there, some straight fiction (usually YA, yes, it's true), horror/gothic (more on the gothic end, I like the style), and classic romances. None of this teen angst drama. Most things tend toward horror/gore. I'm fun like that.

Favorite Harry Potter?
Book: #4 or 5. Movie: Either 3, 5, or 6. It's been awhile, but I definitely like the later ones best.

Zombies or Unicorns?
As a creature I would totally want to be real? Unicorns. As a literary metaphor, zombies. Duh.