Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I AMsterdam, do you?

Sooo a couple of weeks ago (yes, I realize that I haven't written on my blog, or in my sketchpad/journal for a few weeks) I traveled to Amsterdam. This was the weekend after my trip to Berlin and Munich, and yes it did take me two full weeks to recover from two back to back trips backpacking around. I like to think it was because I for the most part was slightly stressed over laundry and packing everything into a tiny (it's actually quite large--I'm really just being dramatic) little backpack and not enough sleep and the onset of a cold/cough. But here's the story of Amsterdam:

Friday, October 3, 2014

These boots were made for walking...

So last weekend I was in Berlin and Munich (as I write this post from my airbnb houseboat in Amsterdam....), and now I shall tell all of my adventures there. Or most of them. Cause that's basically the point of this blog.