Friday, October 3, 2014

These boots were made for walking...

So last weekend I was in Berlin and Munich (as I write this post from my airbnb houseboat in Amsterdam....), and now I shall tell all of my adventures there. Or most of them. Cause that's basically the point of this blog.

My train(s) from Geneva to Berlin got delayed (not in Switzerland. I doubt the Swiss would stand for it) by almost two hours, and me not having any euro and starting off at 5 AM, with only a piece of banana bread and some water to eat, by the time I got to my hostel, I was ready to GNAW MY ARM OFF. Literally. So I walked the 5 minutes to Alexanderplatz to their own Oktoberfest (which did not really compare to the real thing, but more on that later) and got myself some delicious bratwurst.

Me and my bratwurst were good friends. And then I went to sleep. Aaaaahh.

The next day I walked all around Berlin, mostly following the path of the wall--except for the fact that there was a marathon. So I couldn't cross the street to checkpoint Charlie (sad face). But I did see the sony center and the Berlin memorial and the Brandenburgplatz and the Berlin Dom and all the touristy things. So here's some pictures of that.....

In other news, a guy came up to me while I was walking and asked me to watch him pray so he didn't get raped. It was weird. Then a woman came up and asked me for money for her baby (and she was pretty clearly pregnant). I gave her a euro to make her go away. Then a guy came up in the Berlin train station and asked me for money because his ticket got stolen. I also gave him a euro to go away. And then I was on a train to Munich. And I slept. It was nice.

I wish I had an app that told me how long I walked, just to impress people. But I don't. 

In Munich I...May have spent hours trying to find where I was going. After my train was delayed and my phone died (locking my SIM card and me out of any hope of data in order to figure out where I was going....) I walked around for awhile, but finally got into my airbnb rental, and waited for my friend to arrive. Which I gladly did because I was exhausted. 

Aaand after my good friend Brian (finally) arrived--just kidding bribri, love you--we headed off to the tents. Which weren't really tents. More like halls, with some tent like ceilings maybe? But I have no pictures of that night because I left my phone at home. :(  (hint hint Brian).

But I do have photos of our lunch afterwards, and I can say that Oktoberfest was a lot of fun, though I wouldn't enjoy it by myself. So here they are.

And so...aufweidersehen. For now.

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