Sunday, August 31, 2014

On moving in...

So, I've moved into my apartment for the semester, here in Geneva (didn't I mention it? Oh, I did? Sorry, I just like to repeat it!), and after stressing about apartments for awhile, but being lucky enough to find one that meets all of my very specific requirements (bed, wifi, bathroom, kitchen), I thought I would just write a little about something about moving in and away from your family, be it the first time or just another stop in the road.

Friday, August 29, 2014

And the vacation continues...

So it's been a couple of days since we've done all this--luckily I have both my notebook and my mother to remind me what's been done.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day In Geneva

The from the plane from Zurich to Geneva
SOOOO... we arrive in Zurich after leaving Montreal EXHAUSTED--8 hours on a plane isn't so bad by itself, but combined with people their seats ALL the way back into your lap the WHOLE (save takeoff and landing), it becomes fairly tiring. And then we find that we made a big whoops--Mom's flight Geneva is 3 hours after mine, and the airports don't have convenient seating, forcing me to spend the three hours in a highly uncomfortable chair. Combined with jet lag, it's a wonder we even got to our hotel. But get to it we did! The Hotel Edelweiss, a quaint little number with accompanying fondue restaurant, is in a quiet part of Paquis, and has everything we need--beds, a shower, and a door to lock at night. After arriving, and our room not being ready, we drop our bags and head out for a walk along Bains de Paquis, the promenade along Lac Leman, or Lake Geneva. And find a small park that is heralded at the entrance by a mausoleum, and a cute cottage cafe (whose name is literally Cottage Cafe) where we get much needed sustenance in the form of fruit (did I mention there's no food in baggage claim of the airport? Well, there isn't.) and a little coffee. And then, blessedly, our room is ready so we take the required jet lag nap. And a glorious nap it was. And then. We do things.