Sunday, August 31, 2014

On moving in...

So, I've moved into my apartment for the semester, here in Geneva (didn't I mention it? Oh, I did? Sorry, I just like to repeat it!), and after stressing about apartments for awhile, but being lucky enough to find one that meets all of my very specific requirements (bed, wifi, bathroom, kitchen), I thought I would just write a little about something about moving in and away from your family, be it the first time or just another stop in the road.

Obviously, as a college student, I should be well versed in the whole move-in, move-out task. And, being a college student who has changed her rooming situation halfway through the semester before, I should be also well-versed in the mid-semester move (which is never fun, btw). But I still find that there are some things I wished I remembered year to year. And here they are.

First of all, as all college students who are no longer freshman know, the start of the move-in does begin with the packing in July. Oh, no. It of course starts in August of the year before, when you're realizing that, while you will not be sleeping on the street this year, you may be next year if you can't find an affordable housing arrangement. And, then, of course, there's the ever glorious roommate hunt. Freshmen, here's the way it is. Rooming with your friends sounds like a great idea, it really does. And sometimes it works. But if you've never roomed with them before, you'd better think carefully and objectively about whether your friend would actually make a good, clean, responsible roommate. Cause when you don't....well, you've heard of the infamous passive aggressive post-it notes? So much worse when you're friends. It just is. So careful. I know you've got to sign that housing agreement soon if you're not going for on-campus housing again. But seriously. Be careful.

Secondly, after finding the apartment, the next thing. Packing. OOOOOH BOY the packing. Are you going to cook? Better bring some pans, and always bring a plate and fork and glass just in case (as I have recently learned). And DON'T. FORGET. THE. TOWELS. Also, your pillow. AND SHEETS. And...just, there's a lot of stuff. Make a list. Make two lists, thing's you'll definitely need, and things you think you'll probably need. I hung mine on the bookcase in my room at home and added and subtracted between them as needed. (I also had a list of books I had to bring, but that's beside the point. Or exactly on point. Just....make lists. They're helpful.) And then, start packing what you can early. You're winter/autumn stuff? Probably won't need in the middle of July, so get it in there. Besides, most of the stuff that take up the most room is probably going to be the stuff that you're going to wear most of the year anyway. (If you go to school where it's warm all, disregard this. I just....just pack.)

And, of course, the most important thing (at least to me): how to make your apartment at least a little homey? (Especially if you've flown across a major ocean to get there). Well, I'm currently working on a little DIY post about how I did it last year, and, as (I hope) my roommates will tell you, I did a bang-up job. But as for this year, when I've flown across an ocean, greatly reducing the amount of things I could bring to instill that homey feel, here's what I'll suggest:

  • Posters (small ones). They store flat. Like completely flat. Like, you'll probably have to bring a file of paperwork anyway, may as well stick them in there too.
  • Books. I don't know why, but the small pile of books/dictionaries/guidebooks/sketchpads on my desk shelf makes me really at home. But maybe that only works if you're a book worm.
  • Penant. Currently, the only thing in my room at my apartment that does not actually do anything useful is my small Cornell pennant (which you can roll up and flatten and stick almost anywhere in your luggage), and it just really makes me happy.
So there are my tips for moving in. Well, ok, they're kind of tips. Look, just let it go. (Anyone start singing Frozen in their heads or out loud?)

Tomorrow I start work, and I have to admit I'm a little nervous. A lot nervous. I'm going to get lost. I just know it. Wish me luck!

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